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Transition Committees

On December 8, we commissioned four teams of parishioners to our transition committees.  Over the next months, these groups will be working with our Transition Consultant, the Rev. Virginia Army.

Our Prayer Committee has crafted this prayer for use by the Transition Committees during their work:


As we gather today to serve this church we love, we ask you to be with us.  May we to do our work in a manner guided by that love, and in keeping with the importance of our task. 

Help us to work together in a spirit of fellowship, speaking honestly and hearing others with respect. 

When we advocate for our own views, may we do so without closing our minds to the views of others.

Keep us humble about the extent of our knowledge and powers of discernment, always looking to you for guidance.

In Jesus’s name, we pray with the Psalmist that you lead us to do your will, and make your way plain for us to follow.



We've also added one of these petitions to the Prayers of the People:

For this transition time at Trinity Church as we engage in the process of discernment leading to the call of a new rector, let us pray to the Lord.

We pray for Trinity’s transition teams that, guided by their love for the church and by the Holy Spirit, they may complete the task of finding a new rector who will help lead this parish into the future.

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God is Calling

It is God who calls us together into a community of faith. It is not a random happenstance: God calls us to our location on Asylum Hill as the spiritual base from which we live out our call to minister in Jesus' name.

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