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Father Norman M. MacLeod

Interim Priest in Charge
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Father Norman MacLeod brings many gifts to Trinity through his deep commitment to parish life, as well as his rich and varied background. He is a native of Southington and has spent most of his life in New England, including his education at Clark University and Yale Divinity School. He has traveled by bus through Europe, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan (as one of the two drivers from Istanbul to the Khyber Pass), and taught on such varied subjects as Just War Theory, creation care, the history of Christian liturgical spaces, and the relationship between African Americans and the Episcopal Church.  Serving as an interim will not be a new experience for Fr. Norman. He most recently filled in at Calvary Church, Stonington, when their interim accepted another calling, and has two years as an interim at St. James in Keene, New Hampshire, and for a year at St. John's, Waterbury. Other callings have included St. James' in Woodstock, Vermont, Christ Church, Guilford, and St. Augustine's in Kingston, Rhode Island.

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God is Calling

It is God who calls us together into a community of faith. It is not a random happenstance: God calls us to our location on Asylum Hill as the spiritual base from which we live out our call to minister in Jesus' name.

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