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Estate Planning

Goodwin Legacy Circle

The Goodwin Legacy Circle is made up of people who have included Trinity Church in their wills or estate planning.

If you’ve already included Trinity Church in your will or estate planning, you can join the Goodwin Legacy Circle by filling out and mailing in a brief and confidential form. Here’s a link to that form:

Confidential Response Document

Otherwise, the first step to join the Goodwin Legacy Circle is to update your will or estate planning to include Trinity Church. You should do this with the help of an attorney. Contact Barbara Roos in the church office if you need help with this or would like a referral. Here’s a link to a form you can use to request help or information.

Confidential Request for Information Form

The organization is currently co-chaired by Trinity parishioners Linda and Mark MacGougan. “Anyone who pledges or gives regularly to the church should seriously consider leaving something to the church in their will,” says Mark. “This isn’t just something for rich people. Every adult should have a will. And once you have a will, it should reflect the people and things that are important to you.”

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