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Serving Globally

“For God so loved the world…” - John 3:16

  • American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ)
  • Mbugani Parish.Diocese of Tabora, Tanzania
  • Kateri Medical Services
  • Refugee Resettlement
  • Five Talents

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ)

Trinity Church supports AFEDJ (American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem) by donations this year specifically to the Ahli Gaza Hospital. Contact Kate Smith (Kate48Smith@comcast.net)

Mbugani Parish.Diocese of Tabora, Tanzania

Trinity has had a partner relationship with this diocese for over 15 years and has funded scholarships in most of these years for students to attend secondary school.  Each additional year of school makes an important impact on the future of these students. Contact Heather Kramer (KramerHeather1989@yahoo.com)

Kateri Medical Services

The Outreach Committee supports the vital ministry of the Kateri Medical Services, which provides non-sectarian, essential medical services to rural communities in the Anglican diocese of Kaduna, Nigeria. Everyone is invited to participate in the yearly missions by Kateri, whether by accompanying the medical staff and other volunteers or sponsoring an individual who wishes to do so. A group of volunteers are in the process of completing a Trinity Church Cookbook, with recipes representing the many regional and national backgrounds of the church's parishioners. All proceeds from the cookbook will be donated to Kateri Medical Services. Contact Anne Rapkin (a.rapkin@snet.net)

Refugee Resettlement

Trinity Church's Refugee Resettlement Committee, with our partners at Trinity College and St. Patrick St. Anthony Church in Hartford, works to resettle refugee families in the Hartford area.  In the past few years we have worked with a family from Afghanistan and from Syria.  We welcome everyone who is interested to join the Committee in these life-saving, and extremely rewarding, efforts. Contact Anne Rapkin  (a.rapkin@snet.net)

Five Talents

Based on the Parable of the Five Talents (Matthew 25: 14-30), Five Talents is the Anglican Church’s microfinance charity, created out of an initiative from the 1998 Lambeth Conference as a Christian response to global poverty. It serves the poorest and most marginalized through local church organizations. Since its inception, Five Talents has worked to build the capacity of these organizations in 21 countries, providing business skills training, spiritual formation, and access to financial services to over 210,000 individuals on three continents, funding and implementing programs in the deltas of Myanmar, the mountains of Bolivia, and across Eastern Africa.

Through its program, members, mostly women, form savings groups that lend what they save to each other. Those groups have multiplied so much that they have provided over a half million dollars in loans to develop members’ micro-enterprises which has provide jobs and opportunities impacting over 1 million people.

The programs have been hard hit by Covid 19 because FT program countries have instituted severe social distancing rules, making it almost impossible for the savings groups to meet. Trinity has supported Five Talents since 2019 to helping it meet the pandemic crisis. For more information, Contact Everett Post or see FiveTalents.org

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The Choir School of Hartford

The program emphasizes age-diverse mentorship, with a goal to develop musicianship as well as community. We follow the RSCM Voice for Life curriculum, which is a series of self-paced music workbooks. The program year kicks-off in August for a week-long "Choir Course Week" where choristers rehearse, play games, go on field trips, and explore music together. The program provides: free, weekly 1/2hr piano lessons (includes a keyboard) intensive choral training solo/small ensemble opportunities exposure to a variety of choral styles and traditions development of leadership skills through mentorship regular performance experience awards for achievement Voice for Life curriculum from RSCM-America travel opportunities for special concerts and trips

Choir School of Hartford at Trinity Church