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Benefit Concert for Children of Afghanistan

Join us for a play/sing-in and concert for an important cause on July 19


WHATResidents of an orphanage in Afghanistan IS A PLAY/SING-IN?     

It is an opportunity for a large number of people from the community to come together for a short time and make music together. The age and ability level of the musicians is irrelevant- the important part is bringing people together, in this case for a common cause.


The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and funds for the AFCECO (Afghan Child Education and Care Organization) orphanages in Afghanistan. Several people from Kabul will be here representing the orphanages. Furthermore, the three musicians who are organizing these events have been to Afghanistan and visited AFCECO, and know many of these children personally. Afghanistan is a nation that has endured decades of war, and as international aid wanes in 2015, it is an especially volatile time for the country. Together we can help ensure that the young people in these orphanages continue to have a safe place to live and receive an education. 


Check out the website for this event here. http://www.cuatropuntos.org/community-playsing-ins.html

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